Aspen Grange Care Home’s ‘Hare-raising’ Visit from Giant Rabbit!

Residents at Aspen Grange Care Home in Braintree were treated to a heartwarming event recently, as they welcomed a special visitor – an enormous rabbit named Sassy, courtesy of the RSPCA. The gentle giant of the rabbit world hopped around the home, spreading smiles, joy, and companionship among the residents.

Sassy’s visit wasn’t just about entertainment; it brought therapeutic benefits through animal-assisted therapy, enhancing the wellbeing of the residents. As Sassy hopped from common areas to private rooms, she sparked conversations and created memorable moments for the community at Aspen Grange.

Manager Sharon Thompson expressed her excitement about the visit, highlighting its significance in enriching the lives of the residents. “We are always looking for innovative ways to enrich the lives of our residents, and the visit from Sassy the giant rabbit was truly special,” she said. “Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter that Sassy brought to our home was incredibly heartwarming. It’s moments like these that really highlight the importance of animal companionship in care settings. We are grateful to the RSPCA for facilitating this memorable experience.”

At Aspen Grange, initiatives like the visit from Sassy reflect their dedication to holistic care, ensuring that residents not only receive care but also enjoy fulfilling and joyful experiences. Such events contribute to creating a warm and supportive community where residents truly feel at home.

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