Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing

At Aspen Grange Care Home, we understand the importance of great nutrition and hydration for the health and wellbeing of our residents. We also know that great food can have a positive effect on your mood.

All of our menus are nutritionally balanced and made using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

We believe that our mealtimes should be something to look forward, the perfect chance to relax and catch up with friends, without the burden of washing up!

The Choice Is Yours

Our kitchen team ensure that you get to enjoy a superb selection of delicious and nutritious meals, that cater for all tastes and dietary requirements. From warming soups and hearty stews to poached salmon and tasty vegetarian options, you will find plenty to tempt you at Aspen Grange.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our relaxed dining rooms are a wonderful social occasion. However, you are also free to enjoy meals in your own room whenever you wish.

Enjoy Your Favourites

We believe that food can evoke fond memories and feelings of comfort. Reminiscing about flavours from the past can help to promote memory skills, improve your mood, and often lead to a great story. This is why we are always happy to hear about the dishes that have a special place in your heart. Our team would love to help you to enjoy your favourite meal, particularly around the significant dates in your life.

As well as enjoying old favourites, you will have plenty of opportunities to discover new flavours.


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